We Produce, Therefore We Are…



Varzene Metal who offered special metals such as titanium, nickel alloys, special stainlesss used in the aviation and chemical industry, has gained the favor of the sector by filling a large supply deficiency. Again, It created a great added value for the use of the right materials by introducing and providing for the first time in Turkiye the most advanced technological materials such as shape memory alloys, cobalt alloys containing tungsten, molybdenum hafnium carbide to the industry.

There is Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry, Aviation, Medical and Defense Industry among the application areas of the various special steels of Varzene Metal, the producer of Nickel and Cobalt based Super Alloys, Duplex, Super Duplex and Super austenitic stainless, High Speed Steels and Tool Steels. Varzene Metal who operated in the most special fields of metallurgy and materials science, has achieved the cold drawing process of the metals such as nickel alloys, high speed steels, duplex steels in 2012, and has been the first company produced of these metals by cold drawing method in Turkiye.

In 2020 it has built Turkiye's first integrated boutiques factory in strategic metals in Izmir Aliaga. In this way, all super alloys imported with great difficulty and very long deadlines in Turkiye began to be produced in an integrated manner and semi-finished forms. Also among the capabilities of the facility is the production of tool steels, which are not produced in our country.

Today, in an area of 20.000 square meters with production facilities, Varzene Metal who served 24 hours with the expert engineering staff to the most private areas of Turkish Metal Industry such as space, defense, medical, marine, automotive, is the only center that produces special metal alloys and super alloys in Turkiye. In addition, with these production capabilities, it has become one of the few companies in the World.